Feb 1st – Esther 5
  • How does the king show grace to Esther?Why do you think Esther invites the king and Haman to a feast instead of just telling him what she knows?
  • What caused Haman’s joy to turn to anger?How does Haman try to make himself feel better?When you feel bad about yourself how do you try to make yourself feel better?
  • What does Haman’s wife suggest to Haman?Have you ever found yourself desiring vengeance toward someone who opposed you?What happened?

Feb 2nd – Esther 6

  • How do we see God’s sovereignty in the details of this chapter?What did the king desire to do for the man who had helped him?
  • How do we see the principle “he who exalts himself will be humbled” illustrated in Haman’s life?How do you think Haman felt when the king asked him to honor Mordecai?
  • Why do you think the king does not recognize the foolishness of his order to kill all the Jews when he knows that Mordecai this man he wants to honor is a Jew?

Feb 3rd – Psalm 56

  • What does the Psalmist do when he is afraid?What makes you afraid?When you are afraid what does it look like to trust God?
  • When have you felt like the Psalmist does, that there are people against you, out to get you?How do you pray in those situations?
  • What does the Psalmist expect from God?What does he praise God for?Could you say that you trust God like the psalmist does here?Why or why not?

Feb 4th – Esther 7-8

  • What does Esther ask from the king?How would you describe Esther’s tactics in breaching the subject with the king?What happens to Haman?
  • How was Mordecai lifted up and honored even more because of his relationship to Esther?How were the Jews saved from the un-revocable law of the king to kill all of them?
  • In what ways do the boldness of Esther and Mordecai inspire you to be bold for what you know to be right?Is there a way you can be bold for Christ this week?

Feb 5th – Esther 9-10

  • What evidence do we see of God at work in the Jews fight against their enemies in this passage?  What does it tell us about the Jews that they laid no hand on the plunder? 
  • Why did the Jews name the 14th and 15th day of the month of Adar a holiday?  Where did the name Purim come from?  How did they celebrate it? 
  • How did Mordecai achieve greatness in the eyes of the king?  In the eyes of his people?  How are you seeking to achieve greatness in the eyes of our King Jesus?  In the eyes of your fellow believers?   

Feb 6th – Acts 1

  • What is the first book referred to here in verse 1? (see Luke 1:1-4) What did Jesus mean that the disciples would be baptized by the Holy Spirit? 
  • What were the disciples asking in verse 6?  How can we learn from how he answers them?  What does Jesus promise them?  What do the angels promise the disciples right after the ascension? 
  • What were the disciples devoting themselves to?  Could the same be said of you?  Why or why not?  What important decision did they make?  How did they make this decision? 

Feb 7th – Acts 2:1-41

  • How is the coming of the Holy Spirit described in this passage?  What do we learn about the other tongues that the disciples spoke in?  What were they accused of being?
  • What explanation does Peter offer to the people for what is happening by quoting Joel?  How does Peter describe how Jesus was delivered up to the people in verse 23? Why is this significant? 
  • What does Peter say about how Jesus relates to David?  What does it mean that God has made Jesus both Lord and Christ in verse 36?  What was the fruit from Peter’s message that day? 

Feb 8th – Acts 2:42-3:26

  • What did the early church believers devote themselves to?  How did these early believers view their possessions? What might this look like in the church today if we lived like this?   
  • What was the lame man hoping to get from Peter?  What did Peter give to him instead?  What did this man do after he was healed?  What is the most miraculous thing God has done in your life?  How did you respond?
  • What does Peter say about how this man was healed?  How does he use it as a means to tell them about Jesus?  What has God done in your life recently that you can use to tell others about Jesus? 

Feb 9th – Acts 4:1-22

  • Why were the Sadducees annoyed that the disciples were teaching about the resurrection from the dead in Jesus name?  How does Peter describe Jesus to the council examining him?
  • Why were the leaders to whom Peter was speaking astonished by him and the disciples?  Why could they not publicly deny the disciples and their ministry? 
  • What reason did the Disciples give for not obeying the leaders charge to not speak anymore in the name of Jesus? Have you ever faced a situation where you had to choose to either obey God or man?  What did you choose?    

Feb 10th – Psalm 57

  • What is the historical background of this Psalm?  In the midst of this difficult situation what does David ask from the Lord in verses 1-3?  What do you ask of God in the midst of difficult situations? 
  • What does David affirm about God in this Psalm?  Why is it important for us to remember what the Scriptures have taught us about God when in the middle of a difficult situation? 
  • What does David commit to do in verse 9?  Why is it hard for you to give thanks when things are really tough?  What might it look like for you to praise and worship God in difficult situations? 

Feb 11th – Acts 4:23-

  • What do the disciples pray for after being let go by the religious leaders?  What happened when they prayed?  When have you prayed for boldness? How did God answer your prayer?
  • What does it mean when it calls the believers of one heart and soul? Why was there not a needy person among them?  What do you think it was like to live in a community like that? 
  • What was Ananias and Sapphira’s sin?  Why does Peter accuse them of lying to God and not just man?   What was their punishment from God?  What was the resulting effect on the church?    

Feb 12th – Acts 5:12-42

  • Why were the High Priest and the Sadducees filled with jealousy?  What did their jealousy lead them to do?  Do you struggle with jealousy?  If so who are you jealous of and why? 
  • How did God miraculously come to the apostle’s aid?  For what purpose?  Can you think of a time when God intervened in a dramatic and miraculous way in your life?  Describe it.
  • When have you had to “obey God rather than man?”  Was it hard to do?  What unique perspective did the apostles have after having been beaten for teaching about Christ?  How do you think you would respond?    

Feb 13th – Acts 6

  • What were the qualifications for those appointed to oversee the service of the widows?  What does it mean to be of good repute?  Why do you think it was important for these men to meet these requirements? 
  • What were the Apostles devoting themselves to?  What did the apostles do after the men had been appointed?  What does this teach us about the importance of serving the body of Christ on any level? 
  • What was it that made some of the Jews rise up against Stephen to the point of setting up false witnesses?  What do you think is meant by the description “his face was like the face of an angel?”    

Feb 14th – 1 Corinthians 13

  • What things are described as empty without love?  Do you believe that love is as important as this passage teaches? How should this belief affect how we live? 
  • How does our culture define love?  How is it different from how the Scripture defines it in this passage? 
  • What part(s) of this description of love do you struggle to live out?  How can you learn how to grow in this kind of love?  Look for some ways to show this kind of love to someone today. 

Feb 15th – Acts 7

  • Why do you think that Stephen retold so much of Israel’s history in sharing the Gospel with the High Priest?  What might this teach us about presenting the Gospel to others?
  • What does Stephen mean when he calls the people uncircumcised in heart and ears?  What would it look like today for us to resist the Holy Spirit? 
  • What does Stephen see when he looks to heaven?  What remarkable request did Stephen have when he was being put to death?  Do we have this same love for those who mistreat us? If not why not?    

Feb 16th – Acts 8:1-25

  • What effect did the persecution have on the church?  How might this have assisted in spreading the message of Jesus?  How do you think you would respond to persecution like this? 
  • What was the sin of Simon the magician, what was it that his heart desired?  Are we ever guilty of wanting the power of God for our own selfish purposes?  If so how?
  • Why did the converts in Samaria not receive the Holy Spirit when they believed?  Do we need someone to lay hands on us when we believe in order to receive the Holy Spirit today?     

Feb 17th – Psalm 58

  • How are the wicked described in this Psalm?  How are the wicked deaf, and to whom are they deaf? 
  • What does the Psalmist ask God for?  Is it ok for a Christian to desire judgement of the wicked?  When have you ever desired God to judge the wicked?  What was the motive of your heart? 
  • Why can the righteous rejoice in the judgement of God?  When you consider the reality of God as judge how might it influence how you live? Why?

Feb 18th – Acts 8:26-40

  • What strange command did God give to Phillip?  Has God ever prompted you to do something strange?  How did you respond and why? 
  • How would you answer the question the Eunuch asked of Phillip in verse 34?  How would you then explain the Gospel to him? 
  • Think about the people in your life who do not know Christ, prayerfully reflect on how God might be preparing them for a Gospel conversation.  How might you be able to start a spiritual conversation with them?  What is preventing you from having those conversations with them this week?    

Feb 19th – Acts 9:1-19

  • What unique things happened to Saul on his way to Damascus?  Why do you think God struck him blind for 3 days?  Why do you think he did not eat or drink for those same three days?
  • What does it teach us about God that He would choose someone like Saul to be “a chosen instrument” for his work?  Have you ever felt like you were unworthy for God to use significantly?  Does this story change that perspective?  If so how?
  • What is God’s plan for Saul? (V15-16)  In what ways was Paul going to suffer for the name of Jesus?  What does it teach us about suffering to hear that it was part of God’s plan for Saul?     

Feb 20th – Acts 9:20-43

  • What evidence do we see in Saul’s life of his conversion to faith in Christ?  What response did the many of the Jews have toward Saul at this point?  What evidence is there in your life of your faith in Christ?
  • How did the disciples in Jerusalem react to Saul trying to join them?  Why?  What did Barnabas do for Saul? Who has been a Barnabas in your life? How?  For whom can you be a Barnabas?
  • What is your heart reaction when you read about miracles like Aeneas and Dorcas?  Do you believe miracles like this are still possible today?  Why, why not? 

Feb 21st – Acts 10

  • What two things of Cornelius’s are we told ascended as a memorial before God?  What are alms?  What does this tell us about God’s heart toward the poor? 
  • How does God specifically prepare Peter for the arrival of the men from Cornelius?  Why was this preparation necessary?
  • What does Peter mean when he says that God shows no partiality?  What happened as Peter was presenting the Gospel to all who were present?  Why was this surprising to those with Peter? What did Peter do after he saw that they had received the Holy Spirit?     

Feb 22nd – Acts 11

  • What kind of response did Peter get from the Circumcision party for going to gentiles?  Have you ever faced criticism for being obedient to God?  How?  How did you respond?
  • Why was Barnabas sent to Antioch?  Who did Barnabas then go find to bring him to Antioch to help him in the ministry there?  Who can you take with you when you do ministry? 
  • In what way did the church in Antioch respond to the prophecy of a great famine?  What are some ways that you can put feet to your faith in practical ways like this?    

Feb 23rd – Acts 12

  • What was the church doing when Peter was in Prison?  How does God dramatically answer the prayer of the church?  What does this teach us about what God is capable of doing? 
  • How did the group of people praying in Mary’s house respond to seeing Peter free?  When has God ever answered a prayer you prayer so dramatically that you could not believe it at first?  How does a story like this change the way you look at prayer? 
  • Why was Herod struck dead by an angel?  What does this teach us about our God?  When are you tempted to take glory for what God is doing in your life? 

Feb 24th – Psalm 59

  • How do you respond when there are people in your life that oppose and mistreat you?  How does the Psalmist respond? 
  • What does the Psalmist request of God for his enemies?  What does he hope this teaches the enemies? (verse 13)
  • What does the psalmist praise God for?  What are some ways that God has been a fortress and a refuge for you over the years?   

Feb 25th – Acts 13

  • What got in the way of Saul and Barnabas presenting the Gospel to the proconsul Sergius Paulus?  How did Paul respond to him?  What did God do?
  • What significant events in the history of Israel did Paul retell to present the Gospel of Christ in the Synagogue?  Why do you think he retold all of this history as a part of his Gospel presentation? 
  • How did the people react to the message of the Gospel?  How did the Jews respond when great crowds assembled?  What kind of opposition have you experienced in sharing the Gospel?  How did you deal with it? 

Feb 26th – Acts 14

  • How did the Lord authenticate the message that the apostles were preaching?  What do you think this might have looked like? 
  • How did the people in Lystra respond to seeing the Paul and Barnabas do signs and wonders?  How did Paul and Barnabas respond to this?  Why do you think they tore their garments? 
  • What did Paul go through for preaching the Gospel in Lystra?  Why did he go back to that city?  Would you have gone back?  What have you had to go through for your faith in Christ?   

Feb 27th – Acts 15:1-35

  • What did Paul and Barnabas do when there was a significant disagreement on a particular teaching?  What can we learn about how to handle similar situations in the church today? 
  • What commands did the church council decide the Gentiles should abide by?  Why do you think these particular commands were selected?  What did they not have to abide by?
  • What are some expectations that you might have for new believers that are not actually part of the Gospel of Christ?  What types of things are we tempted to add to the Gospel in our day?     

Feb 28th – Acts 15:36-16:10

  • What caused the disagreement between Paul and Barnabas?  What does this tell us about Barnabas’s heart?  Which if these men do you sympathize with more? Why?
  • Why did Paul have Timothy circumcised?  Was this a contradiction to the decision that the council made regarding circumcision in chapter 15?  Why or why not? 
  • In what ways does God guide Paul and his companions?  What do you think this might have looked like? How does God guide you in your life?