March 1st – Acts 16:11-40

  • Why did Paul and his companions go to the river?  What caused Lydia to pay attention to what Paul was saying?  What does this teach us about evangelism?
  • What was the evil spirit saying about Paul and his companions?  Why is this significant?  Why were her owners angry when Paul drove out the spirit? 
  • What dramatic events led to the conversion of the Philippian jailer?  What did he do after he believed?  What did you do right after you believed in Jesus?   

March 2nd – Acts 17

  • Why does Paul go to the Synagogue?  Where might we go to reach our community?  How would you reason from the Scriptures that Jesus is the Christ? 
  • How were the Berean Jews more “noble” than those in Thessalonica?  Do you listen to the teaching of others with this same commitment?  If not why not?
  • What is Paul’s strategy in presenting the Gospel to the Areopagus?  What would it look like for us to use this same strategy to share the Gospel to the people in our community? 

March 3rd – Psalm 60

  • Summarize the feelings that the Psalmist is expressing in this Psalm?  Have you ever gone through circumstances in your life that made you feel this way?  Describe them.
  • What does the Psalmist mean when he says vain is the salvation of man?  When have you been tempted to trust in people instead of trusting in God for victory? 
  • What does the Psalmist mean when he says with God we shall do valiantly? In what areas of your life do you need to find courage by trusting in God? 

March 4th – Acts 18

  • What Does Paul mean when he says “your blood be on your own heads”?  Have you ever shared this feeling when your attempts to share the Gospel have been rejected?  How did you react?
  • What encouragement did God give to Paul in Corinth?  What did God mean when he said that he had many in this city that are his people?  How has God encouraged you in ministry? 
  • What does it mean that Apollos only had the baptism of John the Baptist?  What role did Pricilla and Aquilla have in Apollos life?  Who has fulfilled that role in your life?  For whom can you be a Pricilla or Aquilla?    

March 5th – Acts 19:1-20

  • What does it mean that those in Ephesus had been baptized into John’s baptism?How was this different from being baptized in the name of Jesus?
  • How/When did the Ephesians receive the Holy Spirit?What happened when they received the Holy Spirit?Do you think this always happens when someone receives the Holy Spirit?Why or why not?
  • What were the 7 sons of Sceva trying to do?How did the evil spirit respond to them?What does this teach us about exorcism?What was the effect on the people?

March  6th – Acts 19:21-20:16

  • What were the craftsman afraid of regarding the ministry of Paul?Has following Christ ever cost you economically?How so?How did you handle that?
  • What do we learn about the heart of man by what happened in Ephesus? What “god” might the people of our society rally for like this in our communities today?How should we respond as Christians?
  • Why were the Christians gathered together on the first day of the week?What happened to Eutychus?How long did Paul speak?What does this tell us about the excitement of the early church to discuss spiritual things?Do you have that same excitement?

March 7th – Acts 20:17-38

  • How does Paul describe how he served the Lord among the Ephesians?How would you describe the way you are serving the Lord in this season of your life?
  • How does Paul view his own life?What was his goal with his life?How is your perspective similar to Paul’s, how is it different?
  • What two things does Paul urge the elders to pay careful attention to?What does it look like to do these two things?What does Paul warn is coming?

March 8th – Acts 21:1-26

  • How did the practice of hospitality aid Paul and his companions on his missionary travels?How have you used what God has given to you to serve others in the name of Christ?
  • How did Paul feel about the believers trying to dissuade him from going to Jerusalem?What was Paul willing to endure for Christ?What are you willing to endure for Christ?
  • Why did James and the elders council Paul to purify himself with four men who were taking a vow and to pay their expenses?Why was this wise council? What lesson can we learn from this?

March 9th – Acts 21:27-22:29

  • What was the reason that the Jews stirred up the crowd against Paul?What did the crowd do to Paul?What does it say about Paul that he still wants to address the people after they treated him this way?Would you have done the same in his situation?
  • Why do you think that Paul starts with his conversion story?When was the last time you told an unbeliever your conversion story?Who could you tell it to this week?
  • Why do you think the crowd stopped listening to Paul when he mentioned Stephen?Why did Paul’s citizenship make such difference to the Tribune?

March 10th – Psalm 61

  • What is your prayer to the Lord this week? Why do you bring that prayer before God?What do you expect to result from that time of prayer?
  • What does it look like to take refuge “under the shelter of God’s wings”?What do you need shelter from right now?Why?
  • What vows have you made to the Lord?What do they mean to you? Describe in your own words how your heart feels about praising our Lord?

March 11th – Acts 22:30-23:22

  • How does Paul demonstrate his commitment to honor God and his word in this passage?How do you respond to others who call you on inappropriate behavior?Does it make a difference if they are not Godly people?
  • How did Paul show great tact and wisdom by bringing up the issue of resurrection?What was the result?
  • What does God promise Paul in verse 11?Who does God use to make the Tribune aware of the Jews’ plot? Think of how you have seen God fulfill promises in your life and praise him for it.

March 12th – Acts 23:23-24:27

  • If you were in Paul’s place on trial for obeying the Lord what do you think you would be feeling as all of this transpired?How did Tertulles describe what Paul had done wrong?
  • What does Paul confess before Felix?What does Paul mean when he says that he strives to have a clear conscience toward both men and God?
  • What grace was given to Paul while in custody by Felix?Why do you think Felix sought conversation with Paul?Why do you think he sent him away in verse 25?

March 13th – Acts 25

  • Why do you think that Festus wished to do the Jews a favor?Do you think that our justice system works like this at all?If so how?Why do you think Paul appealed to Caesar?
  • What do the secular authorities keep finding about the charges against Paul?What does this tell us about the hearts of the Jews who keep asking for him to be put to death?
  • If you had someone trying to find a reason to build a legal or moral case against you, what could they find in your life?What changes do you need to make so that your life is completely above reproach?

March 14th – Acts 26

  • What does Paul confess that he used to be?What does h confess that he used to do? Do you find it hard to tell others about your past before Christ and what you used to be like?Why?
  • What does Paul say that he was appointed by Christ to do?Who do you think God wants you to reach with the Gospel?Are you seeking opportunities to do that? If so how?If not why not?
  • How did Paul react to push back and criticism to his presentation of the gospel?How do you react when you encounter pushback and criticism?Why do you react the way you do?

March 15th – Acts 27

  • What advice did Paul offer to the centurion in charge of him?Why do you think the centurion did not listen to him?
  • How did God comfort Paul in the midst of a very scary life threatening situation?What are some ways that God has given you hope in the midst of very hard times?
  • What was the soldiers plan to prevent the prisoners from escaping?Why do you think that the centurion intervened to save Paul convincing the soldiers not to kill the prisoners?In what ways do we see God’s sovereignty in this story?

March 16th – Acts 28

  • How was God’s power of display on the island of Malta?How did this result in God’s blessing of Paul and his companions?
  • Why did the Jewish leaders in Rome want to hear what Paul had to say?How did they react to it?What made them leave Paul?
  • How are we told that Paul proclaimed the kingdom of God and taught about Jesus?What would it look like for you to share the message of Jesus in this same way?

March 17th – Psalm 62

  • What are some of the other things that we are sometimes tempted to run to as our rock instead of God?What does the Psalmist mean when he says I shall not be greatly shaken?
  • In what times do you find it the hardest to trust in the Lord?Restate what verse 9 is saying in your own words.
  • What does it mean to set our hearts on riches?As you examine your own heart are there any ways that you have set your heart of wealth?Describe the steadfast love of the Lord.

March 18th – Daniel 1

  • What were the “qualifications” for the young men selected to be brought back to the King’s palace and taught?What unique privilege was given to these young men?
  • For what reason did Daniel refuse to eat the food of the king?Have you ever had to refuse something offered to you because of your desire to honor God?Was it easy to do? How did the one offering it to you react?
  • What did God do to put Daniel and his friends in a strategic position?What strategic position has the Lord put you in?Why do you think he has placed you where he has?

March 19th – Daniel 2:1-30

  • What unrealistic demand did king Nebuchadnezzar make of the magicians and sorcerers?Why did he make this impossible demand?How did they respond to this demand?
  • Why were Daniel and his friends lives in jeopardy?Why did Daniel ask for time from king Nebuchadnezzar?What did he ask his friends to do? What did God do?
  • What does this story teach us about God?How might this influence the way you pray?How does Daniel specifically make sure that God receives the glory?How do you give God the glory for answered prayer in your life?

March 20th – Daniel 2:31-49

  • What Does Daniel tell king Nebuchadnezzar about his kingdom and how he came to be king?What seems to be the main point of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream?
  • What did Nebuchadnezzar recognize about God through this experience?In what ways is God’s power on display in your life?How do people respond when they see it?
  • How was Daniel honored by the king?Why would it have been so incredible for Daniel and his friends to be in such influential positions?

March 21st – Daniel 3

  • What did king Nebuchadnezzar build?What non-negotiable command did he give to the people?How do you think you would respond to a law like this?
  • Who refused to follow the new law?Why? What do Shadrach Meshach and Abednego believe their God is able to do?How does the king respond to this faith?
  • What causes the king to be astonished?Who was the 4th person walking around in the fire with the three men?How does Nebuchadnezzar react to this miraculous act by God?

March 22nd – Daniel 4

  • How does king Nebuchadnezzar describe Daniel?What do you think the king is seeing in Daniels life that makes him say this about Daniel?How do you think the unbelievers in your life would describe you?
  • Why was Daniel alarmed by the king’s new dream?Why was God going to drive Nebuchadnezzar away from men?How had Nebuchadnezzar demonstrated a prideful rejection of God’s authority over him in the story so far?
  • What did king Nebuchadnezzar finally recognize about God?What did it take in your life to get to the point where you trusted God by faith in your life?

March 23rd – Daniel 5

  • What did King Belshazzar do that dishonored God during his feast?What strange and ominous thing happened next?How did the king respond?
  • What does it say about Daniel’s heart that he refuses the kings gifts for helping him?Why does Daniel retell the story of the king’s father Nebuchadnezzar?
  • What does it look like to lift yourself up against God?What was the essence of God’s message to king Belshazzar?What do we learn about God from this story?

March 24th – Psalm 63

  • How does the Psalmist describe the way he seeks God?What would it look like for you to seek God in this way?What gets in the way of our seeking God like this?
  • What does the Psalmist mean when he says that God’s steadfast love is better than life?Do you believe this too?Why or why not?
  • Describe a time when you spent time with the Lord and felt like your soul was well satisfied?How would you describe your joy in the Lord to an unbeliever?

March 25th – Daniel 6

  • What dirt were the high officials able to find on Daniel?What does this say about Daniel’s character?If someone were looking to discredit you, what might they find in your life?
  • What did Daniel do when he heard the new law making it illegal for him to pray to God?Is prayer important enough to you that you would risk the death penalty to continue praying?
  • What did God do for Daniel in the den of lions?How is God glorified by King Darius after He saved Daniel?What are some ways you intentionally chose to trust God this week?

March 26th – Luke 22:1-38

  • How do you think the disciples responded to Jesus telling him that the bread and wine represented his body and blood? (remember this is before the crucifixion) When we celebrate communion how do you “do this in remembrance of me?”what are you remembering?
  • How does Jesus describe true greatness?How does Jesus exemplify this kind of greatness?Which definition of greatness do you strive for, the worlds definition, or Jesus’ definition?How do you strive for it?
  • What do we learn about Jesus through his interaction with Peter here?How might we interact differently with someone who we knew would disown us?What is Jesus command to Peter when he turns back to him?Why is this significant?

March 27th – Luke 22:39-62

  • What was Jesus instruction to his disciples in both verse 40 and 46?What temptation do you think Jesus had in mind?Describe the anguish Jesus was praying through?What does this teach us about where we get our strength in difficult times?
  • How do you think Jesus felt to see this crowd led by Judas one of his disciples?Why did Jesus not want his disciples to fight?What does he mean when he tells the crowd this is your hour?
  • What do you think motivated Peter’s denials of Christ?What do you think it was like for Peter to see the Lord looking at him right after he denied hi the third time?How did Peter respond?How have you denied Christ with your words or actions?How did you respond?

March 28th – Luke 22:63-23:17

  • Why did the council of elders here ask Jesus if he was the Christ?Why do you think the elders would not answer Jesus if he asked them if they thought he was the Christ?
  • How did the Jewish leaders describe Jesus offense to Pilate?Why was Herod at first pleased to see Jesus?What made Herod change and begin to mock him?How do you respond when God does not do what you want him to do in a specific situation?
  • What was Pilate’s conclusion about Jesus?If Pilate found no fault in Jesus why do you think he planned to punish him and then release him? (v16)

March 29th – Luke 23:18-31

  • What does it tell us about the crowd that they would rather have Barabbas, a murderer, set free than Jesus?What was the motive behind the crowd’s cry for Jesus to be crucified?
  • What do you think it was like for Simon from Cyrene to carry Jesus’ cross?Why did Jesus tell the women not to mourn for him but for themselves and their children?
  • In verse 31 Jesus suggests an increase in wickedness in our world, what do we see in our world today that gives evidence of that?Do we mourn over this increase of wickedness all around us?

March 30th – Luke 23:32-49

  • What response in your heart does Jesus statement in verse 34 create?What motivated him to say such a thing?Can you imagine loving others causing you pain like this?What would it look like?
  • Describe the difference in the two criminals’ response to Jesus.What did Jesus see in the 2nd criminal’s heart that motivated his promise to him in verse 43?
  • What is the significance of the curtain in the temple being torn in two?How did the people watching this respond to seeing Jesus die?How do you respond to reading afresh the account of our Savior’s death?

March 31st – Isaiah 53

  • How was the Messiah described physically in this passage?How was it said people would treat him when he came?How do we see this coming true in the New Testament?
  • What was predicted would happen to the Messiah because of our sins? What would that result in for us?What does this passage say about our sinfulness?
  • What other predictions does this text make about the suffering and death of the Messiah?How are these fulfilled in Jesus?What does this passage say about what will happen after the Messiah’s suffering and death?