May 1st – 1 Cor 15:1-11

  • How does Paul summarize the Gospel here?Why do you think he spends so much time talking about who Jesus appeared to?
  • Why does Paul consider himself to be the least of the apostles?Are there times when things you have done in the past threaten to change how you see yourself?If so what things and why?
  • What does Paul mean by the phrase by God’s grace I am what I am?Why does Paul say that God’s grace toward him was not in vain?Could you say that too?Explain your answer.

May 2nd – 1 Cor 15:12-34

  • What does Paul say are the implications if Christ is not raised?How would you in your own words describe how important the resurrection of Christ is for us as Christians?
  • What does it mean that in Adam all die?What does it mean that in Christ all shall be made alive?
  • How can we explain what Paul is talking about in referring to those who are baptized for the dead?What is the stupor that Paul is asking the Corinthians to wake from?

May 3rd – 1 Cor 15:35-49

  • What is Paul trying to teach with the illustration of the kernel of grain?What does Paul mean by “glory” when referring to heavenly and earthly bodies?
  • Howe does Paul describe the earthly bodies we have?How does he describe the heavenly resurrection bodies we will have?
  • Who is the last Adam?In what way is he a life-giving spirit?How have we borne the image of Adam?How will we bear the image of Christ?

May 4th – 1 Cor 15:50-58

  • What does Paul mean that we will not all sleep?What does he mean that we will all be changed? When will this happen?
  • Explain what is meant by the quoted phrase “death is swallowed up in victory.”How is the power of sin the Law?
  • What does it look like to be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord in your life?What does Paul say we should live this way?

May 5th – Psalm 68

  • How does the Psalmist describe what happens to the enemies of God?What does this teach us about God?
  • Which of the descriptions of God in this Psalm is the most meaningful to you?Why?Which of his acts described here most moved your heart toward worship?Why?
  • How would you describe God to someone who does not know about Him?What attributes would you choose to describe?What acts of God in your own life would you retell?

May 6th – 1 Cor 16

  • What does Paul ask the Corinthian churches to do that he has also asked the churches of Galatia to do as well?What does this tell us about the interdependency of churches during this time period?
  • Why does Paul say he is going to stay in Ephesus?What can we learn from Paul’s perspective that there was a wide open door for ministry and yet many adversaries?
  • What does it look like for us to be watchful? To stand form in the faith?Act like men? Be strong?If all that you do is done in love?

May 7th – 2 Samuel 1

  • How does the Amalekite’s account of the death of Saul differ from what we were told in 1 Samuel 31?How do we reconcile both these accounts?
  • Why did David tear his clothes?How do you mourn?What does this tell us about David’s heart for Saul? For Jonathan?The people of the Lord?the house of Israel?
  • Why did David have the Amalekite executed?Do you think he was right to do this?Why or why not?How did David demonstrate the fear that the Amalekite did not possess in his dealings with Saul?

May 8th – 2 Samuel 2

  • What does David do to those who buried Saul?What does he communicate with this gesture?What command does he then give them?Why?
  • Why do you think the armies of Judah under David’s command and the armies of the rest of Israel under Abner’s command were fighting?How did Abner try to be gracious to Asahel in the battle?What happened?
  • What led to the stopping of the fight?What lesson can we learn from Abner here?

May 9th – 2 Samuel 3

  • What caused Abner to turn against Ish-bosheth?As a result what did Abner set out to do?How do we see God’s sovereign hand at work in this?
  • What caused Joab to distrust Abner?Have you ever nursed a grudge and desire for revenge toward someone who has hurt you in some way?How did it affect your attitude toward that person?
  • Why did David’s response to Abner’s death please the people?What probably would have happened to the effort to unite all Israel under king David had they thought David ordered Abner killed?

May 10th – 2 Samuel 4

  • What was Ish-bosheth’s reaction when he heard that his military commander Abner was dead?What does this reveal about who he trusted to protect him?
  • Do we look for our protection, or provision from someone or something other than God?If so what?Why does it make such a big difference when we trust God for these things?
  • Why does David react the way he does to Rechab and Baanah?Why did they think they were doing something the king would like?What do we observe about David’s heart in this passage?

May 11th – 2 Samuel 5:1-16

  • What did the people of Israel acknowledge about David leading them to anoint him king over them?What do you think the covenant was that David made with the people he was going to rule as king?What does this say about David’s attitude toward his people?
  • Why did David become greater and greater?When God is described here as the “God of hosts” what does that mean?
  • How is the Lord with us as Christians?How should this change the way we fight our battles?Weather difficulty?View greatness?

May 12th – Psalm 69

  • What feeling is the Psalmist expressing to God in verses 1-3?Have you ever felt this way?What lead to that feeling?How did it effect the way you prayed?
  • What request is the psalmist making in verse 6?In what ways have we been a poor example to those who are watching how we live out our faith?
  • What is the Psalmist celebrating in verses 29-36?What will please the Lord more than a sacrifice?Spend some time worshipping the Lord like the psalmist here.

May 13th – 2 Samuel 5:17-6:15

  • What does David model for us concerning how he makes decisions?What decisions do you seek God’s wisdom about?What decisions do you not seek God’s direction about?Why?
  • What was wrong with the way that David and his men were moving the ark?(see Exodus 25:13-15)Why did God strike down Uzziah?What does this teach us about our God?
  • How did David react to this?Have you ever been angry at God for something He did or something He did not do? How long did it take for you to get over it?

May 14th – 2 Samuel 6:16-7:17

  • What was Michal’s criticism of David?What heart attitude do you sense was behind this criticism?How does David respond?
  • Who are you more like: Michal who was primarily concerned with what others think, or David who was celebrating before the Lord not caring what others thought of it?Why?
  • What does David desire to do for the Lord?what does this tell us about David’s heart?What does God promise to David concerning him? His son?

May 15th – 2 Samuel 7:18-29

  • What is David’s attitude toward himself in his prayer to God?How is this similar or different from your attitude toward yourself when you talk with God?
  • What is David’s attitude toward God in his prayer?How is this similar or different from your attitude toward God?
  • What does David celebrate that God has done for Israel?What does he celebrate that God has promised to him and his house?What can you celebrate that God has done for you?

May 16th – 2 Samuel 8

  • What made David so successful in his military conquests?What does it mean that the Moabites and the Syrians brought tribute to David?
  • What does David do with the silver, gold and bronze articles that he received from Toi and the other nations he subdued?Why do you think he does this?What does it mean to dedicate wealth to the Lord?
  • How is David described as a king in the last part of the chapter?What do you think this looked like?

May 17th – 2 Samuel 9

  • Why was David looking for a living relative of Saul?What does this tell us about David’s heart? How did Mephibosheth respond to David?
  • To whom can you show the “kindness of God?”What might that look like?What can you do to serve and bless someone who cannot give you anything in return?
  • Why do you think that David commanded Saul’s servant Ziba to work the ground and farm it for Mephibosheth if David was going to provide him with food at his own table?

May 18th – 2 Samuel 10

  • What does David attempt to do for Hanun the new king of the Ammonites?What makes the king skeptical of David’s intentions?What does this lead him to do?
  • Have you ever made wrong assumptions about someone’s motives?What made you make the assumptions that you made?How did it turn out?What should you have done differently?
  • What advice did Joab give to Israel’s army when they were about to fight?How does he express his faith in God?What would it look like for you to live with this type of faith in your life?

May 19th – Psalm 70

  • How would you describe the plea of the Psalmist in verse 1?When have you prayed desiring a quick and immediate response from God? What made it so urgent?
  • What does the psalmist desire for those who seek God?What does it look like for you to rejoice and be glad in the Lord?
  • How does the Psalmist describe himself in verse 5?Would you describe yourself like this too?If so why?If not why not?

May 20th – 2 Samuel 11

  • What steps did David take that lead him to sin with Bathsheba?What did David first do to try to cover up his sin?What types of things have you done to cover up your sin?
  • How does Uriah demonstrate more honor in this story than David?In his desperation to cover up his sin what does David resort to with Uriah?
  • Describe in your own words how one sin in our life can lead to more sins?Can you think of examples of this happening in your life?

May 21st – 2 Samuel 12:1-15

  • Why does Nathan use a fictitious story to confront David with his sin?What can we learn about how to confront others with their sins from this passage?
  • How does David react to Nathan’s story?What specific sins does the Lord rebuke David for through Nathan?How does God show David grace?
  • What are the consequences of David’s sin?What do we learn about the consequences of sin here on earth even when God forgives them?How have you seen this in your life?

May 22nd – 2 Samuel 12:16-31

  • What was David’s reaction to the sickness of his child?Why did he do this even though he had been told that the child would die as a consequence of his sin?
  • What did David do when he learned that the child had died?What does it tell us about David’s heart that he did this after the death of his son?
  • Do you find it easy or difficult to worship the Lord during and after tragedy?Why do you think this is?What does this reveal about your view of God?

May 23rd – 2 Samuel 13

  • How does Amnon think he feels about Tamar?What does this lead him to do?What do his actions reveal about his true feelings for Tamar?
  • What does Tamar plead with her brother to do instead of violating her?Why do you think he did not listen to her?What does it mean that Tamar lived as a “desolate woman”?
  • What does Absalom do to Amnon?What motive led him to do this?Describe a time when you have wrestled with a desire for revenge on someone who hurt you or someone you love.What did you do?What should you have done?

May 24th – 2 Samuel 14

  • What did Joab notice about the king that motivated him to send the woman from Tekoa to him?Why do you think Joab did this instead of going to the king himself?
  • How did king David convict himself with his answer to the woman?How does the woman show David respect even as she points out his inconsistency?What can we learn about respectfully confronting others from this passage?
  • Why do you think Absalom wanted to go see the king so badly?What do you think Absalom is feeling toward the king?About his own guilt?

May 25th – 2 Samuel 15

  • What is Absalom doing by meeting people at the city gate and speaking to them the way he did?How would this have changed the hearts of the people?
  • Why does David flee instead of challenging Absalom?How is this a fulfillment of what God told him would happen because of his sin with Bathsheba and Uriah?
  • How does David demonstrate his complete surrender to God in this very difficult trial?Are you able to trust God in this same way during the trials of your life? Why or why not?

May 26th – Psalm 71

  • What does it mean for God to be a rock of refuge to you? If we believe that God is our rock of refuge what difference does that make in our life?
  • When we say that the Lord is our hope what do we mean by that?What do we mean when we say he is our trust?Can you say that the Lord is your hope and trust?What is the Psalmist saying in verse 7?
  • What are the righteous acts and wonderous deeds of God that you can tell others about?Who can you tell these things to this week?

May 27th – 2 Samuel 16

  • Why do you think Ziba brings a gift to the king?Why does king David give to Ziba all that had belonged to Mephibosheth?
  • How does David react to Shimei cursing and flinging stones at him and his men?What qualities of David are on display in this passage?Ow would you have reacted to this situation?Why?
  • Why did Ahithophel counsel Absalom to sleep with his father’s concubines?How does this fit in with what the Lord said to David through Nathan after his sin with Bathsheba and Uriah?

May 28th – 2 Samuel 17

  • Why does Absalom listen to the counsel of Hushai instead of Ahithophel?Why would the Lord desire to bring harm on Absalom?
  • How did Ahithophel react when his counsel was not followed?Why do you think Ahithophel did this?
  • How does God protect David in this passage?How does God provide for David in this passage?What does this story teach us about God?

May 29th – 2 Samuel 18

  • Why did David’s men not want him to go to war with them?Why do you think his men valued him this highly?
  • What command does David give to his commanders concerning Absalom his son?What does this tell us about David’s heart?If you were in David’s situation would you make the same request?Why or why not?
  • How does David react to news that his son Absalom is dead?Do you think you could still love your child after they had done to you everything that Absalom did to his father?How is this a picture of God’s love for you?

May 30th – 2 Samuel 19

  • What does Joab mean by saying that David loves those who hate him and hates those who love him?Why did Joab tell David to speak to his servants?
  • What does it mean that David swayed the hearts of all the men of Judah?What do the men of Judah then do?
  • How does David deal graciously with those who had opposed, rejected and cursed him?How would you have treated Shimei?How do you treat those who have mistreated you?

May 31st – 2 Samuel 20

  • How do the men of Israel demonstrate that their hearts and allegiances are fickle in this chapter?How are our hearts fickle at times in following our God?
  • What does David command Abishai to do?Why does David think that Sheba would do more harm than Absalom?Why does Joab kill Amasa?
  • Who has the courage to intercede with Joab for the town of Abel?What is the result of that intercession?What does this teach us about Joab?